Selling your home can take months – or even years – if you don’t know what home for saleyou’re doing. To get a quicker sale, and get as much money as possible, it pays to work with an expert realtor.

Ryan DeRoode has plenty of experience in the real estate market and can provide expert knowledge alongside unrivaled integrity. If you want to sell your home, then here are some crucial reasons it makes sense to choose a realtor:


Do you know everything there is to know about selling a home? No, probably not. Does it make sense to hire someone that does? Of course! You go to a doctor when you have medical issues, and you go to a realtor when you have real estate issues. They know the ins and outs of this market, ensuring you’re in the best position to make a quick sale.

Negotiating & Counter-Offers

It’s rare that someone bids on your home for the perfect price, and the deal is done right then and there. Often, rounds of negotiating take place before the price and terms are agreed upon. With a Lakeville realtor like Ryan DeRoode, you have someone who knows how to negotiate and can get the best offer for your home.


We all know that selling a home is a massive deal, which means you need things to be as secure as can be. If you work with a realtor, then you’re guaranteed to have as much security as possible. People are typically pre-qualified before entering your home, and a real estate agent is there guiding them through your home. Proper paperwork and procedures are in place regarding payments to help ensure your financial security as well.

Exposure to the wider market

Expert realtors are exposed to the wider real estate market. This means they know about house prices and what the general going rate is for specific properties. As such, you can feel safe knowing that your home will be listed for a price that aligns with the current property market. So, you’re not stuck waiting for months to see an offer because the listing is too high, and you’re never in fear of selling it for too low either.

Knowledge of the geographical area

Do you know much about the area in which you’re selling your home? Have you got an idea as to what potential buyers are interested in when looking for houses in this area? Possibly, but a realtor has all of this knowledge. As a result, they know what people in your area are most keen on, which allows them to focus on your home’s key selling points when advertising it. Therefore, you will see more interest, from the right people, from day one.

Advice for staging your home

Holding open houses and private tours for potential buyers is a key element of selling a home. With a real estate expert like Ryan DeRoode, you have someone who can provide advice on staging your home. This means they set your house up, so it appeals to the potential buyers when they see it. Everything is made to look perfect, with a specific focus on highlighting the critical selling points. This can lead to more chance of a bid that’s close to your asking price.

If you’re selling your home, then you will benefit from an Apple Valley realtor. Feel free to get in contact with Ryan DeRoode if you need an expert real estate agent to ensure your sale goes through quickly and for the highest price possible.


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