Selling Your Home in Winter? These Tips Will Help!

If you’re planning on selling your home in the winter, then you should know there are a couple of design adjustments you should make, in order to make it more attractive to people searching for homes during this season. In this article, we’re going to list some excellent tips that will greatly increase your chances of making a sale during the winter months.

1. Photo album updates

Don’t just take pictures of your home in the winter. A home isn’t meant for just a single season, so you’ll want to take some pictures throughout the year to show people what your home looks like, and how it copes with both hot and cold seasons. Of course, you may have already missed the opportunity to take pictures of your home during the summer, but it might not be too late to take some clear sky and sun pictures. The more photos you take in various seasons, the more your potential buyers learn about your property.

2. Utilize Hygge

Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish term that is used to describe a mood of coziness and comfort. The idea is to make your home look very comfortable even during harsh cold temperatures. This means turning on the fireplace, displaying cozy throws, hanging up a few comfortable decorations, and using warm lighting, such as candles, to create a beautiful scene.

3. Minimal decorations

Yes, it’s Christmas soon, but you don’t want to clutter your home with decorations! Limited and tasteful decorating may be fine, but if you’re unsure how far you can push this, please do speak with Ryan and don’t be afraid to ask for advice on how little or much you should decorate! Remember that your potential buyers may celebrate the holiday season entirely differently than you, or have a different design style to greet the season.

4. Remove snow

You don’t want the first impression of your home to be just a winter home. Sure, having snow on your roof can look reminiscent of Norman Rockwell nostalgic paintings, but ultimately your buyers want to see what the quality of the roof actually looks like. Hire a snow removal service or do it yourself, so you can take clear pictures and show your buyers what the home really looks like underneath the snow. Clear sidewalks and ensure there’s no ice on your driveway – this will help with the aesthetics, as well as the safety of your potential buyers.

5. Easy on the scents

A wintry holiday scent can drastically change the mood in your home, but don’t go overboard with it. Go easy on the scents and try not to give the impression that you’re covering up nasty smells! “Is that cinnamon and pine blowing through the vents?” 🙂

6. Easy on the heating as well

Showing that the heating works well is a great idea, but don’t crank up the heating, just because your potential buyers have walked in from the cold outside. Keep the temperature comfortable (70 is a good), so the viewers can slowly warm up instead of feeling stuffy in your home.

Don’t play Christmas tunes on “full blast” , but do play a little light festive music with no lyrics and keep it low. This will help set the mood and put a smile on your buyer’s faces as they explore your home.

If you’re looking to sell your home this winter season, get in touch with Ryan. The winter season is a unique selling window because there’s less inventory and more opportunities, and with help from Ryan, you can make that sale far more likely.

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Relocating to Lakeville This Winter? Here’s What’s Happening!

Are you planning to relocate to Lakeville, Minnesota this winter? If so, then you’re in for a treat as the end of year is shaping up to become a wonderfully lively season. Despite the harsh winters, Minnesotans know how to celebrate in style, and here are just a couple of locations and attractions that you should look forward to, all within close driving distance from Lakeville, Apple Valley and Eagan!

Minnesota Zoo

There are plenty of good reasons to visit Minnesota Zoo during the winter. First, the Tropics Trail is humid and warm thanks to the climate-controlled environment, making it a fantastic place to take shelter now and then from the harsh cold. In fact, they even have a tropical beach party during the winter which is a perfect place to take your kids to.

Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve

If you love hilly terrain, glacial ridges and a lush forest, then the Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve is the perfect place to go hiking and exploring. It offers a popular mountain bike trail but is also a good place to take long and leisurely walks over some beautiful scenery. During the winter, Murphy-Hanrehan Park reserve becomes even more spectacular and is definitely a sight that you do not want to miss if you’re relocating to Lakeville.

Lebanon Hills Regional Park

Another beautiful park to explore with friends and family, or even to take your dog. There are some beautiful spots to view the lakes and it can even be a good place for a picnic. Whether you’re hiking, biking or even want to spot the wildlife, Lebanon Hills Regional Park is a wonderful area to visit during the winter.

Mall of America

A fantastic shopping mall that can feel overwhelming at first, but it’s a fun place to visit if you love shopping or just want to stroll around in a busy and lively area. There are also many places to eat around Mall of America and it’s a fantastic way to take shelter from the harsher winter weather days. During the Christmas season, the festive spirit is everywhere, with additional musical entertainment and lively, bright displays.

Holidazzle at Loring Park

Holidazzle is an annual premier holiday celebration that takes place in Minnesota. This year, it’s being held in Loring Park and there’s just so much to do that you don’t want to miss out. It runs from November 23rd all the way until December 23rd with various events and attractions going on throughout those dates. There’s lots of food, places to shop and plenty of sights to see.

Ryan DeRoode is a realtor that knows what it takes to be a real estate agent that puts clients first. He grew up in Minnesota and knows it inside out, providing him with strong links and networks that extend throughout the state. Ryan takes a holistic approach when it comes to real estate. He gets to know you, learns about your preferences, and uses that information to match you with the perfect home here in Minnesota. So if you’re ever considering relocating to Lakeville or the surrounding area, get in touch with Ryan DeRoode and you’ll experience what an experienced realtor can do for you.

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5 Real Estate Myths

The world of real estate can be complex – particularly for those with houseminimal experience of it. As a consequence, it’s easy to be fooled by common myths regarding the sale of your home. Today’s blog looks at the five biggest myths of selling your home, which with very few exceptions, simply aren’t true.

Quick offers mean I should raise my price

When you get loads of quick offers, it’s easy to assume that this must mean you priced your home for too low a price. So, you should raise it up to encourage bidders to offer more. Realistically, any Lakeville realtor can tell you that quick offers can mean many things. Your home could just be in a prime location that everyone is keen to move into. Or, you may be the only home on the market with a specific feature that people need. Raising the price could result in everyone backing out, appraisal issues, extended market time, and a much lower price down the road. If you priced it correctly in the first place, there’s no need to increase it when offers fly in.

My bright colored walls and family photos will help show our warm personalities

Nope. Family photos and whacky wall colors do one thing; scare buyers away from your home. It’s hard to imagine living somewhere, when the current residents are plastered on the walls. Plus, the crazy decor puts people off as it a) makes it hard for them to imagine living in that space, and b) means they have more work on their hands to re-decorate.
Automated Home Values are the most accurate way to price my home
Wrong. This is the quickest way to price your home, but automated home values are rarely as accurate as using genuine real estate experts. Work with an Apple Valley realtor, and they will properly analyze your home, and work with fellow experts to figure out the actual price, based on the wider market, features and amenities.

Skipping the use of a realtor will save me money

In theory, if you don’t use a realtor, then you don’t have to pay their fee. So, it’s clear why people think this equates to saving money. But, it’s not a simple as that. Working with an expert realtor like Ryan DeRoode, means you have someone that can provide many benefits during the sale. Pricing your home is vital, as well as marketing to qualified buyers, proper staging, photography, and negotiating the best possible price and terms. They can ensure you get the best price for your home, which means you actually make more money. Plus, realtors have access to other people in the industry – like home stagers, photographers, home inspectors, etc… – and can often provide discounted rates to clients for these services. So, all in all, you save money by using a realtor.

My home looks fine – potential buyers will see past its ‘warts.’

If your home has a bunch of little issues here and there that make it look “unattractive”, then this is an issue. Buyers won’t always see past them – in fact, it will be all they focus on! To them, your ‘warts’ represent money they’ll have to spend to fix your home. In reality, spending money upfront to fix these issues, will surely net you more money in the end.

Hopefully, this opens your eyes to the many real estate myths out there. If you need help selling your home and want expert knowledge from a realtor with genuine integrity, then contact Ryan DeRoode today.

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Why Choosing an Expert Real Estate Agent Will Help You Sell Your Home More Quickly

Selling your home can take months – or even years – if you don’t know what home for saleyou’re doing. To get a quicker sale, and get as much money as possible, it pays to work with an expert realtor.

Ryan DeRoode has plenty of experience in the real estate market and can provide expert knowledge alongside unrivaled integrity. If you want to sell your home, then here are some crucial reasons it makes sense to choose a realtor:


Do you know everything there is to know about selling a home? No, probably not. Does it make sense to hire someone that does? Of course! You go to a doctor when you have medical issues, and you go to a realtor when you have real estate issues. They know the ins and outs of this market, ensuring you’re in the best position to make a quick sale.

Negotiating & Counter-Offers

It’s rare that someone bids on your home for the perfect price, and the deal is done right then and there. Often, rounds of negotiating take place before the price and terms are agreed upon. With a Lakeville realtor like Ryan DeRoode, you have someone who knows how to negotiate and can get the best offer for your home.


We all know that selling a home is a massive deal, which means you need things to be as secure as can be. If you work with a realtor, then you’re guaranteed to have as much security as possible. People are typically pre-qualified before entering your home, and a real estate agent is there guiding them through your home. Proper paperwork and procedures are in place regarding payments to help ensure your financial security as well.

Exposure to the wider market

Expert realtors are exposed to the wider real estate market. This means they know about house prices and what the general going rate is for specific properties. As such, you can feel safe knowing that your home will be listed for a price that aligns with the current property market. So, you’re not stuck waiting for months to see an offer because the listing is too high, and you’re never in fear of selling it for too low either.

Knowledge of the geographical area

Do you know much about the area in which you’re selling your home? Have you got an idea as to what potential buyers are interested in when looking for houses in this area? Possibly, but a realtor has all of this knowledge. As a result, they know what people in your area are most keen on, which allows them to focus on your home’s key selling points when advertising it. Therefore, you will see more interest, from the right people, from day one.

Advice for staging your home

Holding open houses and private tours for potential buyers is a key element of selling a home. With a real estate expert like Ryan DeRoode, you have someone who can provide advice on staging your home. This means they set your house up, so it appeals to the potential buyers when they see it. Everything is made to look perfect, with a specific focus on highlighting the critical selling points. This can lead to more chance of a bid that’s close to your asking price.

If you’re selling your home, then you will benefit from an Apple Valley realtor. Feel free to get in contact with Ryan DeRoode if you need an expert real estate agent to ensure your sale goes through quickly and for the highest price possible.


Image source: FabioBalbi / iStock/Getty Images Plus

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Selling Your Home? Remember these 5 Tips!

Are you trying to sell your home? Perhaps you are eager to upsize, moving to a bigger place that matches the needs of your family. Unfortunately, selling a home can be quite difficult. It’s often a long road, and making certain mistakes can delay the process, leaving your home on the market for months. You can avoid this issue by making sure that you follow these five simple tips.

selling your home
Selling Your Home? Remember these 5 Tips!

1. Get An Analysis Of Your Home’s Value 

This needs to be one of the first steps you take. Without an analysis, you will have no idea how much your real estate is worth. Don’t forget, various factors do impact the value of your home, including the value of other properties similar to your own and those in your neighborhood. Factors like this determine what a buyer is likely to pay for your home. You need to get the value right, even before your home goes on the market. If you start too high, you’ll need to drop the price, and this can give the impression that there’s an issue with your home. That could lead to low levels of interest or buyers undercutting your asking price. Alternatively, if you start too low, you could find the home sells for a lot less than it’s worth. You can get an analysis of your home’s value from a top Lakeville realtor right now.

2. Declutter And Pre-Pack 

Do make sure that you are decluttering your home and getting rid of the things clogging up your rooms. Remember, buyers are often looking for larger properties with plenty of space. Decluttering can make the smallest home look grand, great for young couples and families who are often your target buyer. Decluttering is simply a matter of removing anything that isn’t essential from a room. Put away some of the accessories and consider placing extra furniture in storage. Ultimately your property should look like a show home. Pre-packing can be a smart choice too, and provides an extra incentive to buyers, because it shows you are looking for a fast sale.

3. Evaluate Your Curb Appeal 

Speak to any realtor or potential buyer, and they will tell you first impressions are crucial for selling your home. You need to make sure buyers are dazzled, as soon as they pull up outside or glimpse photographs online. You can do this by evaluating your curb appeal. How does your home look to people passing by? The yard should look stunning and well maintained. Cut the grass short to make the front yard look spacious and impressive. You can also think about adding an array of colorful flowers, either through potted plants or flower beds.

4. Make Needed Updates And Repairs 

Do not give a buyer a reason to lowball their offer or avoid making one completely. Ensure that updates and repairs are completed. The last thing that you want is for your home to come across as a ‘fixer-upper.’ You need to make it look like a dream come true and the ideal home for new buyers.

5. Choose A Knowledgeable, Expert Realtor

Ultimately, whether or not your home sells fast and for the right price, often comes down to marketing. A knowledgeable expert like Lakeville realtor Ryan DeRoode can ensure that your property is marketed correctly, and the unique selling points of your home are showcased. A skilled realtor will get buyers to fall in love with your home, before they have even walked through the door. Call Ryan at (651) 503 – 4158 to chat about your current home, and the home you are dreaming of owning.

With these tips in mind, you’ll find selling your home to be a lot easier, faster, and a less stressful process!

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7 Reasons Autumn May Be a PERFECT Time to Upsize Your Home

autumn leaves
7 Reasons Autumn May Be a PERFECT Time to Upsize Your Home

Look online, and you’ll often find articles telling you that spring or summer is the optimum time to sell your home. But that’s not true in all situations. People often forget that some individuals are less interested in selling their home, and more interested in escaping stress through the summer months. That can lead to slim pickings for home buyers looking for a great, larger property. Here are some other reasons why you might want to wait until autumn to upsize your property.

  1. Summer Sellers Are Fatigued

    A lot of buyers will start trying to sell their property in the spring. If their home hasn’t sold by autumn, they can definitely be starting to feel the fatigue and the pressure. They have probably had countless showings, an offer or two, and maybe even a few of which probably reached the final stages before falling through. Ultimately, they are fed up, and this can lead to a slash in their home price to get a quick sale. That can bring a great bargain for you.

  2. Autumn Sets A Tone For A Cozy Impression

    You might think, “I want bright, summer weather to sell my home!” Well, don’t underestimate the beauty of autumn. According to Lakeville realtor, Ryan DeRoode, marketing a home is all about selling the dream place to live. The gorgeous colors of the leaves, the warm fireplace, the luxurious fall scents – they all help you create a very cozy picture for buyers. Plus, autumn sets the stage for people imagining spending their first Christmas in their new home! The emotional appeal may be very strong for a potential buyer.

  3. Less Competition Than Spring/Summer

    Since a lot of people believe those articles telling people to sell in spring and summer, that’s when many try. This means that by summer, the market has thinned out a little more. As such, you can market your home, without your neighbor two houses down the street potentially undercutting on their sale price.

  4. Tax benefits Before The End Of The Year

    Selling a home and buying a new one can provide tax benefits. To make the most of this, you want to sell and buy your new home right before the end of the fiscal year. Putting your property up in autumn will allow you to do this and save a fortune.

  5. Our MN Leaves Offer Stunning Home Settings

    Minnesota presents a unique advantage for home sellers in autumn. Through this season, there are gorgeous palettes of vibrant reds, oranges, rusting browns and sunny yellows on the trees. These all provide an incredible backdrop, ideal if you can get buyers to explore your beautiful backyard, and perhaps “FALL” in love with the exterior of your home.

  6. Our MN Offers Excellent Weather In Autumn

    Weather is one of the main reasons why people suggest you don’t try and sell your home through autumn and summer. However, MN is different. Here, we rarely see the worst of the weather from the later seasons, and instead, it tends to cooperate with home buyers. You won’t (hopefully, as we all know MN can have surprises, too!) need to worry about snow or ice at this time of year, and that means there’s nothing to throw off your home sale.

  7. You’re turning the corner into appliance sales!

    Finally, you might be putting off upsizing your home because you know you’re going to need to purchase new appliances for a new property. Or, perhaps you want to make sure that the appliances you leave behind will be in excellent working order. Either way, you’re in luck. Sell in autumn, and you’re as close as you can be to the epic December sales, guaranteed to make sure you get those appliances for an absolute steal of a price.

When selling your home, there are no guarantees a buyer will simply walk through the front door. But, there are steps that you need to take so your property receives maximum exposure to attract a ready, willing and able buyer…Ryan is here to help you with that process!

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