15548 95th Circle NE

$325,000 Updated 5 bedroom home on 1 acre is literally
just the half of it! Attached 6 car garage, 693 sq. ft. heated
workshop/flex room plumbed for a bathroom and
kitchenette. PLUS an additional 1,348 square foot upper
level, with 6 dormers and a balcony, ready to finish off as
you please! New cherry laminate and carpet 2019, new
pressure tank 2019, kitchen and bathroom remodeled
2013. Repurposed from 3 car to 6 car garage 2013. Patio
door and most windows replaced in 2013.
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Holi-YAY! Why the Holidays are a Great Time to Sell Your Home

It may seem counterintuitive to prepare your home to hit the market during the holidays, but this time of year offers some great benefits for sellers. And I’m not just talking about the opportunity to build a snowman to greet buyers in your front yard. How can selling your home during the holiday season put the “YAY!” in your holiday?

Why the Holidays are a Gift to Home Sellers?

1. Winter Buyers Want a New Home for the Holidays

Buyers shopping for the perfect home during the holiday season often have a deadline in mind. Many take advantage of the built-in time off to shop for a new home and move. These buyers are often motivated by a short timeline and ready to finalize sales.

Other times, buyers want to cozy into their new home for the holidays. And it’s true that winter buyers are more serious whether they’re trying to cash in on end-of-the-year tax breaks, or trying to buy because they were offered an occupational transfer.

2. Your Holiday Decor Helps Buyers See More Potential

Who needs staging when your Christmas tree glows and sparkles? One reason buyers have trouble committing, is they struggle to see themselves living in a potential home. Holiday decor can create the opposite effect. Buyers imagine their kids opening presents on Christmas morning or enjoying hot cocoa by the fireplace on Christmas Eve.

Your decorations also help buyers overlook some of the details they can get hung up on, like drawer pulls or light fixtures. I’ll provide the stager to help let your decor shine in all the right ways.

3. What About Frosty the Snowman?

While you don’t have to build a snowman, Christmas lights, wreaths, and ribbon exemplify a warm welcome and unique curb appeal. And you’ve likely already picked up the kids’ toys and stored them away for the winter. That dreamy winter wonderland feeling can really create some warm sentimental feeling.

Do you live in a neighborhood that tastefully lights their homes for the holidays. This can definitely create a warm neighborhood feel as well!

4. Warm Their Hearts and Their Hands

There’s no denying that our winters are cold. Fireplaces, great central heating, energy-efficient windows, and great insulation truly shine this time of year. When buyers feel toasty, they often warm up to a home more easily. And while these features may not sell your home in the summer, they sure help during the holidays.

5. What Else Is for Sale This Holiday Season?

Many sellers don’t want to bother with selling during the winter, and especially during the holidays. This means your home will face a lot less competition. This puts sellers at a pricing advantage since there aren’t as many alternatives.

Are You Feeling That Holi-YAY Selling Sensation?

Don’t wait around until spring to sell your home. Let’s work together to list your house, and find those buyers ready to make your home theirs for the holidays. ‘Tis the season to sell! I’d love to help give you the gift of making the process smooth and simple.

Give me a jingle if you’re feeling in the holi-yay spirit.


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Pet Owner and Selling Your Home? Here Are My Top Tips for Selling Your House When You Have Pets

Our beloved pets truly make our houses feel more like homes. After a long day and we can’t wait to open the door to those deep purrs and ankle rubs, those wagging tails and puppy eyes. Our pets are our personal welcome parties. And our homes are as much theirs as ours in many ways. And while we love our pets, there are some things I suggest pet parents keep in mind when selling their homes.

My Top Tips for Selling Your House as a Pet Parent

When listing your home, you always want potential buyers to see it at it’s best. Buyers want to imagine themselves settling into your home and neighborhood, as well as enjoying your yard. How can you keep buyers interested in your spectacular space, rather than a few rope toys or the litter box?

1. Before You List Your Home, Enter Your Home with New Eyes and a New Nose

We sometimes become blind to the small accessories our pets require. We also overlook some of the less-than-attractive side effects that can crop up from our pets. Ask a friend or relative if they’ll give you an honest assessment of what they notice about your home’s appearance and smell.

Before any buyers walk through your doors, take a moment and do the same, now with a new perspective. Make a list of your more unsightly pet-related possessions and any minor marks or damage from your pets.

Touch up paint,  slip cover any clawed or chewed furniture, and create a showing plan for your pet bowls, litter box, and toys.

2. Consider Hiring A Carpet Cleaner

If you have carpet, you may want to call up a carpet cleaner to freshen up your floor. This can help your home smell fresher, while eliminating any stains or spots that may distract a buyer and detract from what your home has to offer.

3. Thoroughly Clean Your Home from Top to Bottom

You know that age-old trick with baking cookies? That’s because the sense of smell has one of the strongest emotional impacts on buyers. And while the smell of warm, ooey-gooey cookies can create positive feelings for a buyer, the smells of litter or dogs can have the opposite effect.

Clean any fabrics in your home. Wash your pet’s bed, and clean the litter box before any buyers walk through those doors.

4. Clean up the Yard

Yards help sell houses. Make sure your yard shines by cleaning it up of any old toys or dog waste. Make sure to fill any holes, and put grass seed in any bald or bare patches in the lawn.

5. Change Your Air Filter

Replacing an old air filter before buyers begin viewing your home will freshen and pull pet dander from the air. This can help buyers with allergies, while keeping your home feeling and smelling clean.

It’s also a great idea to open windows to air out your place a few hours before potential buyers arrive, weather permitting of course.

6. Prepare to Bring Your Pet to the Park or Elsewhere While Showing Your Home

While your pet may be the best part of your home in your mind, many buyers can be distracted by pets. Pets tend to add one more stressor to a situation where a person is deciding whether or not they’ll be living in your home.

During an open house or showing, you can always day board your pet, or let a friend watch them for a bit. If a showing is on the weekend, and you have the ability, it’s a great opportunity to take your dog to the park.

7. Remember the Don’ts of Showing a Home with a Pet

– Don’t leave your dog home, if potential buyers will be stopping in. This isn’t just dangerous, since buyers are strangers, but this can really stress out your pet.

– Don’t leave out pet supplies. Create a list, then clean up and hide away as much of your pet accessories as possible.

– Don’t leave your dog in the backyard, as most buyers will want to walk the yard.

– Don’t drench your home in air freshener right before a showing. This can cause buyers’ allergies to flare up, and create an off-putting or masking suspicion in the buyer’s mind.

Pet Parents, Let’s Sell Your House and Find Fido or Fluffy a New Home!

Pets are awesome! And while I may have a soft spot for your best friend, I can also guide you through the selling process in a way that will work best to sell your home, all while keeping your pet’s best interest in mind.

Give me a call. Let’s list your house and find a new home where you, your family, and your pets can make memories for years to come.


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Prepare Your Home for Winter with These 5 Quick Tips!

You’ve probably pulled out the winter gear this week, but have you winterized your home yet? As we enjoy the fall weather, it’s a great time to think about how you can protect your property by preparing for winter here in the Twin Cities.

Here are my favorite quick tips that many homeowners may not think about, but can make a huge difference this winter.

1. Clean your Vents and Radiator

You know that smell when you first switch on the heat for winter? It’s not just unpleasant, it’s a reminder that your vents could use a good cleaning.

Removing any dust and debris from your furnace, vent covers, and air intake covers increases the ease of airflow. This can lower your heating bill, extend the life of your heating unit, and help keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

It’s also a great time to change your air filters. As we turn the heat on and pull out winter clothes and decor from storage, this can stir up mold, dust, and other allergens. A new filter can reduce the sneezes, itchy eyes, and freshen up the air in your home.

Change your furnace filter while you’re at it, and have a technician check to make sure your furnace is running to its full capacity.

2. Protect Your Pipes to Prevent Problems

Pipes can freeze over winter, causing expensive damage. Spend a bit of time before it gets too cold to check your pipes to ensure they’re properly insulated. Water damage and plumbing issues lead to extensive repairs and years of uncovering hidden deterioration.

Remember to drain your sprinklers and turn off the water in your outdoor spigots.

3. Before You Fire Up the Fireplace, Check for Nests

There’s nothing better than a warm fire in winter. Be sure your fireplace is ready for those first warm-and-toasty memories this winter, by checking that your flue is operating correctly and your chimney is free of any nests.

If your chimney isn’t capped, it’s a great time to look into this (before they get fully booked for the winter).

4. Trim Those Trees Before Snowfall

Winter storms and ice can do serious and costly damage to your home. As snow and ice weigh down tree branches, limbs become more likely to fall and break. This risk is multiplied when we experience one of our winter storms. If you use a tree trimmer, ask them to come out and assess your trees and remove any damaged limbs.

5. Clear Your Gutters

Clearing your gutters can also save you money and headaches. If you noticed icicles last year, be sure to remove any debris from your gutters now. While icicles can give your home that picturesque feeling, they can also lead to ice dams. Ice dams can trap ice and water in your gutters that can spread to your roof, walls, and ceiling. This can lead to structural damage to the roof, gutters, and shingles.

Clear your gutters soon, to avoid roof leaks in the spring.

Have a wonderful winter in our slice of wonderland.

Winter stirs up a wide range of emotions, from challenging conditions to picturesque quiet snowfalls. Here’s to more of the latter this year! I also love to assist homeowners with listing their homes during this unique time of year. If you have any questions about buying or selling your home during the winter, please give me a call. I am happy to discuss how we can make this winter the perfect season for home sales.



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5310 206th St. W

Impeccable bright and open end-unit! 2-story vaulted living room, highlighted by the beautiful fireplace. LVP flooring in living room and dining room. 16 x 16 tile throughout kitchen and bathroom. Granite countertop, under-mount sink, faucet and updated hardware in kitchen. Updated appliances, Corian bathroom vanities, dual master bathroom vanity sinks, Delta faucets, and updated lighting. Sun Shade ultra-glide blinds. Ethan Allen dining room chandelier, pottery barn decor and professionally painted. Over $25K in high end updates. Excellent location, with walking trails, ponds and plenty of green space! Check out tour and pics!

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Should I List My Home in Winter?

Every year the same question arises: “Should I list my home in winter?” And the resounding answer is “Yes!”  While many people believe that spring is the best selling season, this is simply untrue. The market does change and conform to the seasons, and these changes often benefit sellers, especially when it comes to listing your home before spring arrives. The number of transactions are definitely higher in the Spring, but you’d be surprised at the number of homes that sell in the heart of Winter.

The truth is there are buyers looking for homes every month of the year.

Why Should You List Your Home This Winter?

1. Simple Supply and Demand: You Have Less Competition

The most appealing draw for many sellers to list in the wintertime is that there aren’t as many properties for buyers to cruise through. This means you may be more likely to achieve that asking price or even have multiple offers with a reasonable amount of time.

Come spring, there are a ton of options for buyers to choose from, many of which have just completed renovations and upgrades. So, listing in winter can give you an edge.

2. Winter Buyers Tend to Be More Serious

Many people have built-in time off around the holidays, so they schedule their house hunting during these times. This means they’re ready to shop and ready to buy.

Many winter buyers have set time frames that revolve around the new year, and relocating for work. This makes them very serious about finding a place. Why? Because they have a deadline.

And you probably know what deadlines mean: quick closing dates.

3. You Can Create a Different Kind of Curb Appeal

So what if you don’t have a green thumb? It doesn’t matter in winter! In fact, winter offers a unique form of curb appeal. You can show buyers how homey, warm, and inviting your place can be during the holidays.

So, let the kids build snowmen, hang the lights, and wrap the garland around your mailbox, buyers will surely fall for a home they see as cozy, cheerful, and charming all year long!

Don’t forget to carry your decorating through the inside of your home this time of year. We have some tips for you, here!

4. You Can Show Off How Well Your Home Handles Our Winters

Do you know what people love in Minnesota winters? Garages and well-insulated homes. If you can offer these features, they make your home very appealing in the wintertime. Fireplaces have a huge draw come winter as well. And nothing feels better than walking into a cozy home, after facing freezing temps and bitter wind.

5. First Time Parents Often Look During Winter

This is one of those patterns that reappears year after year: new parents want to upgrade in winter. The majority of children are born towards the end of summer and into fall. And within a couple of months, their parents realize they’ll need a bit more space. So, they begin house hunting. And new parents often want to make the process run as smoothly as possible, which means easy closing.

Deck Your Halls and Prepare to List Your Home

While winter is cold, it doesn’t mean the market is too. If you’ve considered listing your home in the near future, it’s time to take the next step.

If you have questions about the current market or how to prepare your house to hit the market, please give me a call. I’ll brave the snow and ice to help you sell your home this winter!


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