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7 Reasons Autumn May Be a PERFECT Time to Upsize Your Home

Look online, and you’ll often find articles telling you that spring or summer is the optimum time to sell your home. But that’s not true in all situations. People often forget that some individuals are less interested in selling their home, and more interested in escaping stress through the summer months. That can lead to slim pickings for home buyers looking for a great, larger property. Here are some other reasons why you might want to wait until autumn to upsize your property.

  1. Summer Sellers Are Fatigued

    A lot of buyers will start trying to sell their property in the spring. If their home hasn’t sold by autumn, they can definitely be starting to feel the fatigue and the pressure. They have probably had countless showings, an offer or two, and maybe even a few of which probably reached the final stages before falling through. Ultimately, they are fed up, and this can lead to a slash in their home price to get a quick sale. That can bring a great bargain for you.

  2. Autumn Sets A Tone For A Cozy Impression

    You might think, “I want bright, summer weather to sell my home!” Well, don’t underestimate the beauty of autumn. According to Lakeville realtor, Ryan DeRoode, marketing a home is all about selling the dream place to live. The gorgeous colors of the leaves, the warm fireplace, the luxurious fall scents – they all help you create a very cozy picture for buyers. Plus, autumn sets the stage for people imagining spending their first Christmas in their new home! The emotional appeal may be very strong for a potential buyer.

  3. Less Competition Than Spring/Summer

    Since a lot of people believe those articles telling people to sell in spring and summer, that’s when many try. This means that by summer, the market has thinned out a little more. As such, you can market your home, without your neighbor two houses down the street potentially undercutting on their sale price.

  4. Tax benefits Before The End Of The Year

    Selling a home and buying a new one can provide tax benefits. To make the most of this, you want to sell and buy your new home right before the end of the fiscal year. Putting your property up in autumn will allow you to do this and save a fortune.

  5. Our MN Leaves Offer Stunning Home Settings

    Minnesota presents a unique advantage for home sellers in autumn. Through this season, there are gorgeous palettes of vibrant reds, oranges, rusting browns and sunny yellows on the trees. These all provide an incredible backdrop, ideal if you can get buyers to explore your beautiful backyard, and perhaps “FALL” in love with the exterior of your home.

  6. Our MN Offers Excellent Weather In Autumn

    Weather is one of the main reasons why people suggest you don’t try and sell your home through autumn and summer. However, MN is different. Here, we rarely see the worst of the weather from the later seasons, and instead, it tends to cooperate with home buyers. You won’t (hopefully, as we all know MN can have surprises, too!) need to worry about snow or ice at this time of year, and that means there’s nothing to throw off your home sale.

  7. You’re turning the corner into appliance sales!

    Finally, you might be putting off upsizing your home because you know you’re going to need to purchase new appliances for a new property. Or, perhaps you want to make sure that the appliances you leave behind will be in excellent working order. Either way, you’re in luck. Sell in autumn, and you’re as close as you can be to the epic December sales, guaranteed to make sure you get those appliances for an absolute steal of a price.

When selling your home, there are no guarantees a buyer will simply walk through the front door. But, there are steps that you need to take so your property receives maximum exposure to attract a ready, willing and able buyer…Ryan is here to help you with that process!

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