We’ve talked before about the essential tips that can help to sell your home in winter, but as the weather begins to warm and the promise of spring lingers in the air, we thought it was time for a long awaited, spring-specific update. Below, we’ve brought together four key ideas that can be hugely beneficial to any homeowner looking to sell their home, as the Apple Valley and Lakeville real estate housing market begins to flourish.

1) Go all-in on floral displays

Most of us naturally associate spring with flowers, so opting for plentiful floral displays is a great way to take advantage of the wonders of the season. You can display classic spring flowers such as yellow tulips and daffodils throughout your home in vases; yellow is thought to encourage feelings of contentment and happiness, which should be conducive to a potential sale. You can use fresh flowers if you prefer, but it is worth considering investing in high-quality faux flowers that will last for the entire season; combined with “lightly” scented floral room sprays or essential oil diffusers, the effect for buyers is the same, but more cost-effective for your wallet.

2) Introduce pastels via decorative flourishes

While there’s no need to completely redecorate your home for spring, focusing on pastel colors when choosing your home’s decorative touches can really help to highlight the delights of the season. Focus on light pinks, blues, yellows, and purples for items such as towels, rugs, and throw pillows; these can be replaced at a relatively low cost to you, while still ensuring that your home looks seasonally appropriate.

3) Focus on your garden

Whatever the season, it’s fair to assume that prospective buyers will want to see well-manicured outdoor spaces. However, in spring, a beautiful garden can be the difference between a sale and a refusal. As a result, it’s advisable to overhaul your outdoor space; sweep up any lingering fall leaves, mow your lawn, tend your flower beds, and ensure any water features are working correctly. Furthermore, if the flowers in your garden have yet to bloom, then you can plant mature flowers such as daffodils, tulips, and peonies in containers for an instant splash of color that any buyer is sure to appreciate. (Keep in mind our Minnesota weather may also have some frosty surprises in May or June!)

4) Spring clean your way to high-shine finishes

If you’re selling your home in spring, you can benefit from a natural advantage: there will be plenty of natural light and brightness, but without the often-stifling heat of summer – the best of both worlds. As a result, you’ll need to ensure your home is as clean as possible in order to enjoy the benefits spring daylight can provide. In particular, focus on your windows; they should be clean and streak-free, so the sunlight can naturally pass through and illuminate the interior. It’s also worth polishing all internal mirrors and metalwork – such as door knobs or fireplace surrounds – in order to achieve an impressive high-shine finish that is sure to impress any prospective buyers.

If you have been thinking that “I definitely need to sell my home this spring”, then the tips above should be the perfect place to start. Contact Ryan for a FREE no obligation analysis of your home to get your home listed before the spring rush!

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