How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

First and foremost, this is not a “pick me, pick me” post. This is about finding a real estate agent who fits you and your needs. You’re about to embark on a two to six-month journey, with a trusted advisor, to help you buy and/or sell, in most cases, your most valuable material possession. Most of us research doctors, lawyers, financial advisors, personal trainers, etc…before signing up with any of them. You may want to do the same to find your real estate agent.

Buying or selling a home in Lakeville MN means you are in a transitional phase in your life. The transition itself is usually stressful enough on its own. It can be exciting (marriage, baby, promotion), or challenging (loss of a job, divorce, loss of a loved one), or both exciting AND challenging (empty nesters, down-sizing, combining families, job transfer, etc…). No matter what the situation, you should expect a level of empathy and understanding from your real estate agent. More importantly, count on them to navigate the transaction, to best suit your transitional needs, and help set up a support system along the way. It’s vital they remain your emotional rock and ensure emotions aren’t taking you (the client), off the path to your end goal.

real estate agent lakeville minnesotaDoes the real estate agent fit your style and personality? How do they communicate, and will they communicate on your terms (in person, phone only, text only, email only, all of the above)? Do they walk around 24/7 with a blue tooth in their ear, constantly telling you how busy they are? Maybe you sell blue tooth earbuds and enjoy this about your agent?  😉

The point: It’s always your choice. Choosing the right realtor for you should be based on a mix of “real feel” and “facts”. You can find lists all over the internet, so I won’t dwell on too many of the bullet points. Here are a few of the important ones, at least in my opinion.

Experience: How many homes have they sold? How long have they been in the business? Are they full or part-time? If they are new, do they have a strong mentor or team, to help them with the technical aspects? We were ALL new at some point, and I’ve worked with some amazing newer agents, so don’t let that necessarily be a deterrent, just make sure they have a strong support system.

Reviews: Do they have a variety of reviews from a variety of past clients? This will give you a pretty good idea of what they are like.

Non-negotiables: Professional photography and expansive online presencebad real estate photography realtor lakeville mn should be a staple in our industry by now. Unless the realtor is a professional photographer on the side, then I would expect this to be hired out. A majority of buyers will have viewed your property online, prior to even calling a buyer’s agent. Do not risk your home being passed on, simply due to poor photography. (…and yes, it does happen)

Accessibility: How quick is the realtor to return your calls, or available to show you a property. In our current market, the “good ones” are typically sold within a day. Make sure your agent has some back-up, if they’re out of town, or working with multiple clients.

Pressure: You should never feel pressured into buying. There is a big difference in advising the client on the urgency of a market, and pressuring a client into buying a home, just for the sake of getting one before it’s gone. If it doesn’t feel like home, you should never feel pressure to buy, in fear of nothing else coming on the market. There will always be more homes! Wait for the one that feels good to you! 😊

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