Benefits of Buying or Selling in the Winter

buy and sell property in the minnesota wintertime I’m often asked, “Do homes sell in the winter? Do people actually buy homes in the winter?”

The answer is yes and yes, regardless of a hot or “cold” real estate market!

Fall and winter can actually be the best time of year to buy or sell your home, depending on your situation. Here are just a few reasons, we see year after year.

Benefits for buyers:

1. Fewer buyers out looking, means you are less likely to run into bidding wars. There is also a better chance of getting your new home at a lower price, with less competition from other buyers.
2. Speaking of price, sellers are more likely to price their home competitively. They have either been on the market for some time, or need to make a move for a job relocation, or financial reasons.
3. Some sellers want to move their homes for tax purposes, prior to year’s end.
4. Get a feel for how the home holds up in some our state’s more challenging climate! Windows, roof, furnace, insulation and a good garage suddenly become pretty popular this time of year!! 🙂
5. Your realtor is likely working with fewer clients, and has more time to focus on YOU!

Benefits for sellers:

1. Most Fall and Winter buyers are not out joyriding/window shopping. They are serious about finding a home, and ready to go!
2. Just as for buyers, sellers can also benefit from buyers relocating out of necessity (job, family, lifestyle changes).
3. Fewer homes on the market mean less competition from other sellers. This makes it easier to get your home to stand out!
4. Both parties tend to be more motivated, which can make negotiations less chaotic and rushed.
5. Depending on your home and décor, the holiday season can create emotional ties to a buyer and your home. No need to go Clark Griswold on it, but tasteful décor can be quite helpful!

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